Tuesday, 31 May 2011

the last composition

Although everybody hates the school since the first day when we were children , The school is an experience that change your mind.
I know that when I remember the school time I will smile . I will remember when we preparing the Marista´s party or when we went to Prague, Vienna and Budapest … and ehy not? I´ll remember the exams when I would have killed the teacher and all his family
In my opinion our life would have been different if we had not gone to school because we spend more time there than in our house. We are with the same people everyday hour after hour and we make very good friends. They are our second family and the teachers are our ``parents´´. They see you grow up and in this school are promoted the values .
Conclusion I will miss the school and not just for the exams

Monday, 30 May 2011


We have been dreaming with the day we would finish school every day of the year, but now that is coming a strange harmful feeling begins to rise.
Firstly, we have been studying all the year long and specially this last month, we are highly tired and stressed.
On the other hand, however stressed you are, we know that we will miss school, as we start university next year.
Summarising, school has left us a lot of memories and experiences, not only teachers and lessons, but friends and moments.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

My way

Nine years later i couldn´t imagine that this stage at school was to end.
These years have been very happy for me. Each year has been a change for us, a period of maturity, in which we lived day by day in a room.
In my opinion we have been a great promotion ,with great people. In this school we have become very good friends, we hadnt had problems between us, and i know that this friendship doesn´t end here.
I couldnt forget the teachers, people that they havent only taught their subject, but more importantly, they have taught us to be better people.
These words aren´t enough to thank all these years. I wish the best to all.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hooligans deals about a boy called Matt who was unfairly expelled from Harvaed university, for protectinng one of hid classmates saying that the drugs found in his room were his possession for that reason he moved to London with his sister Shanoon and her husband Steve; Steve´s brother called Pete, is one of the leaders of the GSE the ( Green Streat Elite ) who are the Hooligans who support the West Ham United.
Then Pete goes with Matt to a football match of this team against the Birmingam but when the match was over, there was a great fight among all the hooligans so Matt Bucker enters this dangerous world and little by little, he needs to be moust of his time with hooligans.
Finnally, in the last struggle in the film Pete died.
Luckily Matt returned to the USA and he gets that Wan Holden confess that he was to the owner of the drugs, so he could return to Harvard University.
The film ends with Matt singing the hymn " I´m for ever blowing bubbles " Which was the song sung by the GSE members.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


From my point of view, mainly violence can be determined by the media to hobbies infuriated by their rivalry. But some people don't have that lack of forgiveness, demonstrate their sportsmanship on the stadium, show all  hand out, but the worst part is that some sometimes demonstrated in the respect stadiums. These violent people do not deserve to enter the stadiums and like to be made FCBarcerlona should do in all fields because they always just having a moment of glory that does not deserve it.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Why does violence start?

Is known that there are violence on the streets,but what is reason of our disaster behaviour?

From my point of view, there thousands of reasons and situations, althought all of that follow the same steps. Firstly mass media are broadcasting violence all time what it means they are teaching us we have to use and how to do. Secondly it is the thing that push us to do it, you know, alcohol or something like that.

Summing up, the "big fish" of the question is how to avoid violence. We have to find the solution. Do we get it?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Green street hoolligans

From my point of view, I think it is a very hard film, full of diferent feelings. The message behind all of that violence is really necesary to understand the main meaning of the film, but in my opinion there is a degree of extreme violence. In short, I quite like the film, it is entertaining and, above all, I love the devastating critique towards the "moral and political correctness which is established in this society as highly hypocritical and, therefore, in my point of view and in particular with reference to the issue of violence in football.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


A proper film for those who, like me, love football. Placed in the centre of London, the place of birth of football, tells the situation between the firms, organisated groups whose only ambition is to have better reputation than the others. The film hides a deep background in itself.

First, we can stand in the violent part of the film, with numerous fights and the agressive atmosphere of a divided town. Although people from the firms are at public respected pilots, or teachers, when they join their firm they become animals with the goal of smashing the rival firm.

On the other hand, of we see deeply, we can summarise that behind those animals, we can see a feeling of respect and a very strong feeling of good frinedship. At the end of the film we can see sacrifying himself for saving his friend.

The conclusion is that we have to see further than the violence and racism of this film, but see the positive side of friendship and sacrifice.


Soccer plays a very important role in British culture. It has been part of it so long that supporting the home team is a way of life. However, sometimes this support goes too far. Nowadays, hooliganism exists worldwide, however the history of hooliganism started in England. This is related with the competitive nature of the people there and their enthusiasm for sport.

First, the word hooligan describes usually a young person, a member of an informal group, who commits acts of vandalism or criminal damage, starts fights and causes disturbances because of his addiction to soccer. Hooliganism only concerns football not other sports. Though most spectators are males, about 12% who attend soccer matches are females.

On the other hand, alcohol at matches is very easy to get an also very cheap. Alcohol is usually mentioned when we are talking about hooligans because it is common that men are encouraged to drink. In fact, this is considered masculine.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Hooligans is a british drama film about football hooliganism in England.

The term hooligan has been used when it was used to describe the name of a street gang in London.The word hooliganism and hooligan began to be associated with violence in sports, in particular from the 1980s in the UK with football hooliganism. However, one of the earliest known instances of crowd violence at a sporting event took place in ancient Constantinople. Twochariot racing factions, the Blues and the Greens; nearly half the city was burned or destroyed in addition to tens of thousands of deaths.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

love letter

Dear ...
I don't know how to start but when I see you I always feel butterflies in my stomach. It is the firts time that I can say taht I fall in love with you. This year has been the best time in my live, I can't describe all the moments together, your kisses, necking, hugs... I need you because my live without you hasn't got sense.
Just... I love you


Dear love
I want to say to you that you are the better thing that has happened in my life, finally I have found what I was searching in a boy.
I feel that I want to be close to you to live all my life with you
You have opened my eyes, without I you I am not at all, I want and I need to be always with you.

Monday, 7 March 2011

love letter:)

I want you to know I want someone to dress my bad days and turn them into good. Do not be angry if I do not understand myself. I stick out his tongue when I get stupid and make me smile. Someone who Do not assume that I'll always be there, but who don´t have any doubt about it. Someone who does not make me suffer for nothing, but do not sell me eternal love
Someone who can not walk down the street without me holding his hand,who don`t buy me with gifts but have many details of paper. Someone who does not like watch me sad and makes me laugh until I have no desire. That from time to time decide to pursue in the bars and know me again .... and when he
looks me,my legs tremble helplessly. Someone who is crazy about me and telling me not to forget the days of hangover ... Someone who kill me with kisses every morning.
Someone who Do not get used to me.
But above all someone who don`t have to lose me to know that he can not live without me.
Just someone to makes me love and act like such a crazy love ... someone like you.

I love you baby

love letter, late because i hadn´t internet

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Love Letter.

Dearest Lulu,

Why have you gone?. Oh honey, I feel so alone without you! Your side of the bed still keeps the smell of your sweet hair, but now is cold. I can´t forget the first kiss from your bold libs, your laughs, and also your silences. You were all for me. My live has no meaning. Why have you gone?

Love song

love letter.

I don't know what has happened first time i saw you,
I felt strange,you got me stuck between fantasy and what's real
I'm taken by the thought of it...
you have become my addiction,
I'm so strung out on you.
You're my sweet drug.

love letter

you have decided to go to England for 3 months this summer and I can`t go with you. That`s why Iwant you to know before you leave how important you are to me.
I`m sure I`ll miss you a lot and I hope that you don`t forget about me. We have been going out for a long time, and it will be hard to live without you.
I hope you enjoy your stay but remember that I love you and I will be here waiting for you.
Maria del Mar Nägele.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My love song !!!

All of us, we've been in love. Sometimes we don't realised until we can't live without her/him!!!
Is it a problem? No, only love!!!

Monday, 28 February 2011

I Just love you..

I Just Love You...
I just love you because I do. I can't change it. Its not my choice. I wish I didn't, but that's how love is. I can't say a word about you. I have to forget about you. I wish you didn't make it so difficult for both. There are things I wish I could tell you. There are many things I need tell you, but I can't find the way. I can't find you. I can't change it. I wish I didn't love you. I can't forget about you. I just wish it could all work out like it once happened.

Love letters:

Honey, do not know how important you are in my life. I love you from the first moment I met you, and much more every day.

I love you, how you make me feel .... because you have been a wonderful person who stood by me in the most difficult moments.
When I'm with you the bad things disappear and good times. I'm just happy when you're beside me, because since I know nothing is the same, I know you are special

Because when you love too do not love enough ...

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Dear XXX:
When we met the first time I felt a lot of things about you, like moving butterflies in the stomach, and so on.
Since that day, I fell in love with you. It was love at first sight.
The things that I like about you are your beautiful smile, your shiny brown eyes, but all these things are nothing if it´s compared with your way of being, you are that girl who doesn´t mind what other tells about you, and you sometimes are natural, with me, and that´s why I love you!
But our hearts must be split up as I honestly think that you don´t have so clear the things as I do.
I want to say that you are the best thing that ever happened in my life and I´ll never forget our best moments.
I love you!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Love letter:

I don´t know how to start. Maybe I shouldn´t have given this letter, but i think i should. I hope you don´t resent me for this. You´re one of the most important people of my life, you´re my best friend.
We have spent much time together, many unforgettable moments and you have a small hole in my heart. Our friendship have been strengthened ,but I think im in love with you. I don´t know waht you feel, but whatever, i will respect. Whatever happends, i only want that you know that you can count with me for everything.
Always yours:

Dr. Love


My sweetheart,

I didn't want to hurt you , but you must understand that I was out of my mind.

You shouldn't have gone with the girls next door . That was really bad,and I went totally crazy because I love you very much.

Sorry about your records and I hope your stomache is better now,I know you love me to, so let's try againg because you are the SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE .Please please please , I need to see you again the fire in your eyes.

Please forgive me . I would be home at 9 o'clock ,the keys are under the doormat.

Love love love -

Your loving María

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Love Letter

Dear Ms. X,

When I first saw you my heart began to beat like the first time. I left my life aside to live yours , everything was perfect.
But you ignored me and laughed about my feelings. The years passed and you began to worry about other people, accordingly my heart began to broke in two , I can get a word to explain this , but when you came to me again a lot of words came to me .... !

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Love letter


I've got no words to describe my love towards you,but I guarantee this love's true.
You're the reason for which I get Up every morning, nothing else matters when it comes to see you darling.
you needn't words to make me fell in love,only a direct eye contact was enough,we've got same music likes,also we share similar opinions,you are not so talkative though.

To sum up my lover,your confidence,your strengths and weaknesses,your personality and body language, your voice tone,your values or your your incredible and ripped muscles. Nothing of this matters to me,cause the only thing I look for is seeing you every day.
I love you ''Myself in the mirror''

pd:(I was kidding)

"...I am free in all the ways that you are not..."

enjoy ^^

I only wanted to share this with my class

"...I am free in all the ways that you are not..."
Love letter

Dear my darling,
I am just writing under a tree shadow, remembering your beauty. I seem like a free bird that has confessed my love to you.

I am the happiest person in the world because I have got your love. I write to tell you my eternal love. You are my life, but only the good things that happen in it.

This is an eternal love, that fights against distance and frontiers. This love willl survive to death and problems.

I want to finish saying that you´re the most important thing in my life, and I can´t sleep thinking you´ll be tomorrow here with me.


love letter

Thanks for your last letter, but I can't feel the same. I think you have to know the truth.
I knew that I loved you the first time I saw you in the park. There were numerous kids but you were special. When I saw you playing football I finished to fall in love. But another day you broke my favorite doll and I hated you, I felt really down-hearted.
That's the reason cause I can't date with you tomorrow. I think you're going to understand my decision.
Never yours,

Monday, 14 February 2011


this is my favorite song about love, i supposed is my favorite because the lyrics, the music... makes me think about love and makes me happy... i don't know if everybody feel the same but anyway i think the song is special.
enjoy it !

Sunday, 13 February 2011

New York

In my opinion is one of of the most impressive cities in the world. Also known as the city that never sleeps, has huge buildings and skyscrapers. Many people live in ny and lots of immigrants. Is one of the most tourist cities. In New York people eat too much fast food , this is the reason why obesity is characterized by the habitants, despite this there are many fast food stalls on the street. The most popular sport is basketball, cause the NBA.
NY has areas and important monuments like central park, times square, the statue of liberty, the empire state building...
Even though the weather is very cold and people are really stressed, I would´nt mind living there.

Christmas Card

Jesus, are dates in which we´ve to remind other people, as well as think of fantastic moments and dreams of our childhood. I hope you spend a happy holidays with your family and friends. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

New York

It´s said that NY is the capital of the world because it has everything.
It´s famous a cause of the enormous skyscrapers ,its big streets and the tide of yellow taxis, everything is enormous .for this and other reasons thousands of tourist go there every year.
There is the NBA where play the best basketball players like Pau Gasol.
Since my point of view there is a lot of tolerance because there are people of all races and with different style and nobody says anything

On the other hand there are some disadvantages for example that the lifestyle is stressful . the business man work in the skyscrapers placed in the center of the city , the distances that they have to walk to go to their houses are so big because they usually live in the suburbs and they haven´t got a lot of time to eat, so they have to eat fast food . For this reason American people have a lot of illness like obesity .
Despite all this things New York is incredible.


I didn´t know that I had to write a letter, so here it is.

Dear Jesús,
It was greatful to hearing from you. Sorry I haven´t written for so long but I have been abroad in Germany. I spent there two weeks and got back last Monday.

I heard you got a new job in a gym. I am glad for you, I know you were looking for this for a long time. Do write back soon and tell me more things about it.

Furthermore, I am going to visit you for several days and I wonder if I could stay with you. It´s a long time no see you, and I want to meet Julia too.

I will write back next week. Please answer me as soon as you can. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Write soon,
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