Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hooligans deals about a boy called Matt who was unfairly expelled from Harvaed university, for protectinng one of hid classmates saying that the drugs found in his room were his possession for that reason he moved to London with his sister Shanoon and her husband Steve; Steve´s brother called Pete, is one of the leaders of the GSE the ( Green Streat Elite ) who are the Hooligans who support the West Ham United.
Then Pete goes with Matt to a football match of this team against the Birmingam but when the match was over, there was a great fight among all the hooligans so Matt Bucker enters this dangerous world and little by little, he needs to be moust of his time with hooligans.
Finnally, in the last struggle in the film Pete died.
Luckily Matt returned to the USA and he gets that Wan Holden confess that he was to the owner of the drugs, so he could return to Harvard University.
The film ends with Matt singing the hymn " I´m for ever blowing bubbles " Which was the song sung by the GSE members.

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