Thursday, 24 March 2011


A proper film for those who, like me, love football. Placed in the centre of London, the place of birth of football, tells the situation between the firms, organisated groups whose only ambition is to have better reputation than the others. The film hides a deep background in itself.

First, we can stand in the violent part of the film, with numerous fights and the agressive atmosphere of a divided town. Although people from the firms are at public respected pilots, or teachers, when they join their firm they become animals with the goal of smashing the rival firm.

On the other hand, of we see deeply, we can summarise that behind those animals, we can see a feeling of respect and a very strong feeling of good frinedship. At the end of the film we can see sacrifying himself for saving his friend.

The conclusion is that we have to see further than the violence and racism of this film, but see the positive side of friendship and sacrifice.

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