Monday, 7 March 2011

love letter:)

I want you to know I want someone to dress my bad days and turn them into good. Do not be angry if I do not understand myself. I stick out his tongue when I get stupid and make me smile. Someone who Do not assume that I'll always be there, but who don´t have any doubt about it. Someone who does not make me suffer for nothing, but do not sell me eternal love
Someone who can not walk down the street without me holding his hand,who don`t buy me with gifts but have many details of paper. Someone who does not like watch me sad and makes me laugh until I have no desire. That from time to time decide to pursue in the bars and know me again .... and when he
looks me,my legs tremble helplessly. Someone who is crazy about me and telling me not to forget the days of hangover ... Someone who kill me with kisses every morning.
Someone who Do not get used to me.
But above all someone who don`t have to lose me to know that he can not live without me.
Just someone to makes me love and act like such a crazy love ... someone like you.

I love you baby

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