Thursday, 24 March 2011


Soccer plays a very important role in British culture. It has been part of it so long that supporting the home team is a way of life. However, sometimes this support goes too far. Nowadays, hooliganism exists worldwide, however the history of hooliganism started in England. This is related with the competitive nature of the people there and their enthusiasm for sport.

First, the word hooligan describes usually a young person, a member of an informal group, who commits acts of vandalism or criminal damage, starts fights and causes disturbances because of his addiction to soccer. Hooliganism only concerns football not other sports. Though most spectators are males, about 12% who attend soccer matches are females.

On the other hand, alcohol at matches is very easy to get an also very cheap. Alcohol is usually mentioned when we are talking about hooligans because it is common that men are encouraged to drink. In fact, this is considered masculine.

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